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Year 2006. Flash animation.

The New Metropolis. Fortune Magazine. / video / Illustration

Short IPad Intro animation. 5Sec.

N3 ID / video / Art

08.2011 Maya, Octane Render. Music: Various Artists - 45 seconds of... track#44 - Solvent - 45 Reasons To Avoid People

Short video intro - "Gravity" / video

Short intro video for presentation Client: REP Ineractive http://www.repinteractive.com/

Icebreaker. / Illustration

Illustration. WIRED Magazine/US/UK.


Year 2005. Flash animation.

Sketches #19 / Art

Collection of sketches.

Drones World. / Illustration

Collection of illustrations about quadrocopters and drones world.

Environments v02 / Art / video

Collection of short CG environments. All animation collected from different commercial and noncommercial projects from last 3 years.

Mylo Xyloto. Characters concepts. / Illustration / Art

It is old project which I made in 2010-2012 for Mark Osborne and his project Mylo Xyloto for Coldplay. Finally was Mylo Xyloto comic series and Music Video with these characters. Mylo Xyloto created by Coldplay and Mark Osborne.