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Showreel.2014. / video


Telluric Piece. / Art / video

My personal video art project based on music by Squarepusher and Scanner.
Squarepusher - Ultravisor - Telluric piece.
Squarepusher - Ultravisor - An Arched Pathway
Scanner / Tonne - Sound Polaroids - Tokyo Mix

Digital Defense. Fortune Magazine.

3D Illustration and short intro animation.

The New Metropolis. Fortune Magazine. / video / Illustration

Short IPad Intro animation. 5Sec.

N3 ID / video / Art

08.2011 Maya, Octane Render. Music: Various Artists - 45 seconds of... track#44 - Solvent - 45 Reasons To Avoid People

Short video intro - "Gravity" / video

Short intro video for presentation Client: REP Ineractive http://www.repinteractive.com/

Icebreaker. / Illustration

Illustration. WIRED Magazine/US/UK.

Sketches #19 / Art

Collection of sketches.

Drones World. / Illustration

Collection of illustrations about quadrocopters and drones world.

Environments v02 / Art / video

Collection of short CG environments. All animation collected from different commercial and noncommercial projects from last 3 years.