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Promo Environmental Scenes. / video / Art

Personal Project. 2010.

REEL2011. / video

My commercial and personal video.

Starting New project. Tiser. Directors version. / video

Open tiser for BURIME TV

Music by HECQ - 0001 (rekt_remix_02)

Ouidoo QderoPateo. Video presentation. / video / Illustration

Video presentation for new phone QderoPateo Ouidoo with augmented reality.
Modelling, Animation, Rendering, Composing.
Music: Mirrors by Kevin Durante.

Coldwell Bunker. World's Most Expensive Homes. / video

Animation video for the premiere episode of the World’s Most Expensive Homes presented by Coldwell Banker Real Estate.
Client: REP Interactive.
Design, Tracking, Modelling, Rendering, Composing.

Detroit 2025. / video / Illustration

Popular Mechanics IPad Video and Illustrations. www.popularmechanics.com

1. Detroit's $3.5 Billion Bridge to the FuturBridge
2. Detroit 2025: After the Recession, a City Reimagined
3. Autodrome: The Defunct Airport Turned Motorsports Mecca
4. A Landmark Reawakened: Michigan Central Station

Tron 3.0. Invasion. / video

Trailer of film, which never will be.
Modelling, Animation, Rendering, Composing.
Music: ATOM TM - Berleitung.